sudden sound studio sounds : reason

These are refills (patch collections) for reason, the wonderful "virtual rack" software from Propellerhead.

Unless otherwise noted, all files are copyright © 2002 Greg Bossert, and released under the Open Audio License (O) Greg Bossert 2002 V.1.0. This means you can pretty much do what you want with these sounds as long as the attribution and license stay attached. See the license at the EFF for more details.

All files and folders marked sss are original samples or patches from the Sudden Sound Studio instrument collection.

Files not marked sss are original Sudden Sound Studio patches that contain samples from the web or other sources; unless otherwise noted the original source and copyright, if any, is unknown. If you are the owner of the sound, and wish to have it removed or credited, please contact me.

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Icon  Name                      Last modified      Size  Description
[DIR] Parent Directory - [   ] 21-Apr-2002 22:09 1.8M NN19/REX2/Samples; Small pitched bell sss [   ] 21-Apr-2002 22:09 1.8M NN19/REX2/Samples; Jingles sss [   ] 06-Apr-2002 13:23 2.7M NN19/Samples; Small reed and pebble shaker sss [   ] 06-Apr-2002 13:05 253K NN19/Samples; Cricket/Frog noisemaker sss [   ] 05-Apr-2002 18:45 245K NN19/Samples; Carved wood block/scraper sss [   ] 04-Apr-2002 18:50 491K REX2; upbeat African elec. guitar loop [   ] 04-Apr-2002 18:50 258K NN19/Samples; cheap little marimba sss [   ] 04-Apr-2002 18:50 11M NN19/Samples; female moans