sudden sound
Sudden in a shaft of sunlight
Even while the dust moves
There rises the hidden laughter
Of children in the foliage
T.S. Eliot/Burnt Norton
sudden sound studios

Sudden Sounds Studios is the film/video/audio home of Gregory Bossert. I provide a full range of video and audio production and postproduction services.
Myster Odd:

Click here to watch Myster Odd in High Definition (recommended)
Award-winning authors and editors Ann and Jeff VanderMeer asked me to creat this Myster Odd? video to support the release of their anthology series ODD? from Cheeky Frawg Books. For inspiration, I had the bookcover for the first volume of the series by artist Jeremy Zerfoss, which features a man in a dapper suit with a bird skull for a head, spewing out ghosts with wicked grins. And the multi-talented Danny Fontaine supplied an irresistibly catchy song, with crazed lyrics by Jeff VanderMeer and himself.

It took two months and twelve days to go from these suitably odd inspirations to a final 3:46 minute animation. With the exception of the music and some of Jeremy Zerfoss's book covers on the walls, I did everything, including designing, building and rigging the set, props, and characters, animating, compositing, special FX, etc.

In the coming days I will be posting a some more "making of" details, and some technical notes for folks interested in how to do this sort of work at home.

Many thanks to my family for their encouragement and support over these last few months. And likewise to my writing buddies in class of Clarion 2010, and Brian Matyas, Olivia Do, and Jennifer Hsyu!

Special thanks to the amazing artist and film designer Dermot Power for late night advice and encouragement and the occasional smack upside the head at just the right time.

And many many thanks to Jeff and Ann VanderMeer for giving me the opportunity to work on such a fantastic project, and for being so supportive throughout the process.
One Minute Weird Tales:

the series at Weird Tales Magazine
the series at YouTube
I produce the One Minute Weird Tales series of videos for Weird Tales Magazine. My work includes original sound design and text animation/layout for each story, as well as the animated tentacles logo.
Skull Island:

I did sound and music and miscellaneous visual effects for Tony McVey's stop-motion short Gardens of Miranda...
Skull Island:

...and the video and audio postproduction for Tony McVey's Skull Island short.
Research for Feature Film Design:

I provide research and reference services for feature films, specializing in concept design, set decoration, props, and costumes. projects include Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, Disney's A Christmas Carol, Beowulf, early development on John Carter, other features in development. clients include Dermot Power, Iain McCaig, Tony McVey/Menagerie Productions, Brian Matyas, Marc Gabanna.

I did the sound design for Doug Chiang's Robota Trailer IV.
Sound Effects:

Original SFX Examples (15 MB WAV)