the "work guitar" is a baritone semi-hollowbody electric guitar. it is largely built from materials from the local home-supply store, and was designed to safely sit in my office without fear of damage from curious coworkers. picking up on the idea of a work guitar, i gave the intrument a sort of construction site look. two rubber feet on the bottom of the bottom and one behind the headstock allow the work guitar to securely lean against a wall.

the body is built from three layers of 1/2in maple plywood. the middle layer is just an outline, creating a hollow interior. the neck is laminated from 1x3in maple lumber. the trim is galvanised steel sheeting, as is the tailpiece. knobs are constructed from the sawn-off heads of large bolts.

there are three pickups -- two EMG "Select" blade-style humbuckers, and a retro "lipstick" pickup. the controls are a pickup selector switch, and volume and tone pots. the pots have built-in pull switches that activate additional an low-pass filter and a simple (pretty much ineffective) passive distortion circuit.

the strings are commercial heavy-gauge baritone guitar strings, tuned a fifth below a standard guitar B-E-a-d-g-b'. the action is quite heavy; as is the guitar itself!

the tone is fierce, closer to a bass than a guitar. the lipstick pickup has a more hollow, twagny sound, which is good for surf guitar licks.

working mp3

samples, loops, and Reason/Mach5 banks coming soon...