this is a flowerpotophone, inspired by Barry Hall's example.

the flower pots came from various sources. i carried a electronic tuner and a stick around to the local gardening centers and worked through their supplies, looking for interesting tones and something like standard pitches. Barry was also kind enough to donate some of his spare pots.

the stand is built from redwood "two-by" lumber. the support beam is tilted; this makes it easier to hit both rows of pots (though the resulting playing position is a sort of awkward squat). i used some leftover stain and a set of rubber stamps of african patterns for decoration.

the flower pots are bolted to the stand. large felt washers (usually used for drum kit cymbals) space the pots out from the stand, allowing them to ring freely. the washers aren't dense enough to support the heaviest pots; i added some little rubber feet to the bottom of these (visible here). wing nuts make changing pots easy. the stand holds up to fourteen pots; the bolt holes spacing gets progressively tighter to allow more of the little pots.

planted (flowerpotophone) mp3

samples, loops, and Reason/Mach5 banks coming soon...